Comparing Child Birth Education Classes

  You may be surprised to discover the variations in childbirth classes—some are months long while others last a day; some take place in a hospital( least recommended)  and others are conducted in the educator’s home or other locations. Regardless, topics generally include labor signs,pain-relief options, stages of labor and …

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Cervical Scar Tissue – A Cause of Preventable Cesareans

Cervical Scar Tissue – A Cause of Preventable Cesareans Dawn Thompson is  the founder of  She has spent the past eight years on a mission to understand how scar tissue on the cervix affects women in labor, and to let the public know about it.  In her article below, …

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A look at a Knot in an umbilical cord

  Did you know that the umbilical cord has two arteries and one vein that are protected from crimping by a substance called Wharton’s Jelly? It keeps the cord rigid and flexible to protect the blood’s ability to flow through the cord even with a knot! (The cord in this …

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Newborn Weight loss and IV fluids in labor

 I have been a Lactation Specialist since 1997 thru my volunteer work with La Leche League. I get SO many calls and questions at our support meetings about newborn weight loss. I have never had IV fluids in labor , I have had 3 homebirths and 3 hospital. Dehvin was …

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Why won’t this labor start properly?

This post discusses onset of labor. A woman is commonly considered in labor when her cervix is progressively opening and continuing to open. Stages of labor are the first stage of cervical dilation, the second stage of “pushing” or until the actual birth of the baby, and third stage which …

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Breaking down and understanding a Professional doula’s fee

I love being a  Doula. I love attending births.  I love how it makes me feel.  I love how it makes the mom feel.  I love making a difference in other peoples’ lives. Have you ever asked yourself, “why do doulas charge so much?” Aside from the cost of education, …

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Surprising Facts About The Cord Around A Baby’s Neck

A nuchal cord (cord around the neck) is one of many things that mothers-to-be fear about childbirth. The thought of their precious baby being ‘strangled’ by their umbilical cord can cause so much worry. Luckily, unborn babies get nutrients and oxygen via the umbilical cord, not by breathing it in …

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Using a Rebozo during labor

The rebozo, a tightly woven traditional Mexican shawl, is one of the few tools I have in my doula bag. The gentle belly sifting accomplished with the rebozo feels very calming, relaxing and nurturing to the mom. This belly massage can relief uterine ligament tension during pregnancy and labor.

It can also relief general tension in the body. Some moms tell me that it feels as if I’m cradling them ~a lovely way to mother the mother.

Using the rebozo during labor can help with optimal fetal positioning. The rebozo is a gentle, drug free way to support the laboring mother. These are some of my favorite videos.

Mexican midwife, Naoli Vinaver teaching how to use the Rebozo for optimal fetal positioning –

part 1

Part 2

Another video

To read more about traditional ways to support moms click :

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, labor and birth

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, labor and birth First of all Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young Living are safe, organic and non toxic if used with common ‘scents’. In order to gain proper therapeutic effects with Essential Oils the importance of purity cannot be overstated! AFNOR/ISO standards are the highest …

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Checking dilation without being ‘checked’

One of the biggest repeat questions a doula/caregiver can hear during labor and birth is ‘how far along am I’. Some women would prefer not to know, some women could care less, and some women desire this knowledge almost habitually. As with any intervention in labor and birth, cervical checks …

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