What is Optimal Fetal Positioning?

What is Optimal Fetal Positioning? OFP is a phrase coined by Jean Sutton for the goal of her childbirth preparation through maternal positioning: the left occiput anterior fetal position. OFP directs pregnant women to spend most of their time with the abdomen lower than the spine (forward) and the knees lower than the hips. (Jean Sutton http://optimal-foetal-positioning.co.nz/)
What is Spinning Babies? Some women need to do more than sit up to bring their baby to an optimal position. These women may need to address tightness, twists or even slack muscles, joints, and ligaments before gravity from maternal positioning will work to flip a breech or turn a posterior or transverse baby. Spinning Babies adds The Three Principles of Balance, Gravity, and Movement, emphasizing Balance first.

Then Spinning Babies provides a list of daily activities for pelvic balance
and the process of Belly Mapping for women to check their own baby’s position.

This is a great PDF on OFP  http://reache.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/1_1_2013-Spinning-Babies-Handouts-REACHE.pdf

I make sure and work with my clients through out their pregnancy to encourage their baby is in the best position for birth.