Lisa Ellis (formally Olschewske)


LLL Leader since 1997



I am the Mother of six, my first  two  were full term natural hospital births my next three were home births and one preemie induced at 33 weeks after a month of PROM, he was in the NICU for 3 days never receiving a bottle. Since giving birth to my first child in 1993 and struggling with many difficulties I found La Leche League and became an accredited  La Leche League Leader in  1997 . I have continued to add to my ongoing training since . 

I am a Birth Keeper ,  3x DONA certified birth doula , Loss Doula,   Sacred postpartum doula, Lactation Councilor and CST 

I offer in home Lactation support and guidance .  I have over 27 years experience working with breastfeeding families .

I have specific ongoing training in oral tethers and started the TOTS (tethered oral ties) Support and education Group on Facebook (currently by invite only it is a private group )

Tethered Oral Ties (TOTs) is a common condition that affects many infants. Tongue and Lip Ties can contribute to difficulty with suck, swallow, breath. And so much more .

In 2020 I began assisting Dr Gary Myers with laser Tongue Tie revisions and continue with ongoing training .   Now I assist as needed .

I  offer breastfeeding support and  evaluations pre and  post revision as well as CST (body work stretches)

In September 2020 I attended the GOLD Learning Online Tongue-tie Symposium.

If you need immediate breastfeeding help please send me a text 904-806-3778

In-Home Lactation Visits : 

  • Addressing nipple pain, soreness and healing
  • Nursing Multiples
  • Adoptive Breastfeeding
  • Guidance on latching baby and comfortable positioning
  • Offering assistance in overcoming breastfeeding fears and myths
  • Checking latch
  • Experienced with premature exclusively Breastfed babies (NICU Experienced with my own at 33 weeks )
  • Helping to re-lactate or induced lactation
  • Breastfeeding following a C Section Birth
  • Tethered Oral Ties (TOTs)
  • Support for Working Mothers
  • Connection to Milk Donors and local Milk Bank
  • Local Breastfeeding & Parenting Support Group Information
  • Assisting Moms overcome and identify, thrush, mastitis, hind/formilk imbalances, allergies etc.
  • Baby wearing and breastfeeding
  • Empowering  YOU to follow YOUR Instincts
  • CST as needed for mom and baby
  • AND much more

Happily Serving  North  Central and South east Florida  including  Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach,  Palm Coast, Flagler County, Daytona, Port Orange , New Smyrna , Ocala,  Orange Park, Ormond beach and St Augustine Birth Doula Services and Postpartum Doula Services