CST ( CranialSacral Therapy )

Trained in Craniosacral Therapy, Lisa specializes in Pediatric CST. As well as Spinning babies and CST for pregnancy and beyond.

We have seen a significant rise in plageocephaly, torticolis, acid reflux, nursing difficulties, digestive issues in general, and overall restriction and hypertension in the pectoral girdle of infants. Why? We believe Since the AAP’s Back to Sleep Campaign began in the 1990’s.

With my visits , I work to keep parents independent of my care (as much as possible) by teaching them specific stretches to perform on their infants as well as other tips to improve nursing latches and digestive and sleeping issues.

I also work closely with you before, during and post Tongue tie releases .


  • Pain relief –  Homeopathy

         ARNICA 200ck If possible start 24-48 hrs PRIOR to procedure and after 

(Whole Foods , or Vitamin Shoppe carries homeopathy and bottles )

 1 oz amber glass dropper bottle , fill almost to top  with filtered water and add 3-5 pellets each (DO NOT TOUCH PELLETS )  of ARNICA, HYPERCUM AND ACONITE. Shake bottle. Use as often as needed . May also add the CAMOMILIA  or use separate . Store in refrigerator for one week . 

         HYPERCUM 200ck

         ACONITE 200ck  

         CHAMOMILIA 30c  For pain and irritability (especially good for older babies and toddlers )

          RESCUE REMEDY Spray for stress relief 

  • Bodywork/Chiropractic care within 48 hours before Laser revisions 
  • Laser revision procedure
  • Plan on lots of extra cuddles and skin to skin /baby wearing 
  • Next day begin the stretches 3 times a day for next 3 weeks 
  • Bodywork within 48 hours after Laser Revison if recommended  
  • Follow-up with an ToTs  experienced IBCLC or CLC  to work on latch if continued difficulty.

Lisa Ellis , CST, CLC


Copyright Lisa Ellis Olschewske CST

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