Sibling Doula Service


Including your children  in your birth plan is an amazing way for them to begin their relationship with their new sibling. When they attend their sibling’s birth, older siblings feel like they are a part of the process while feeling less jealousy and more autonomy. Most hospitals, birth centers, and home birth midwives request that you have a support person there for your child if you plan on having them at your birth. As a sibling doula, I’ll provide:

A three hour in-home date night session to read books, watch a short movie, look at some of my birth photos, and get to know your kiddo to help prepare for your birth and new family member while you take the evening for yourself (if you want!).
Continuous emotional support for your children during labor + delivery
Child-friendly explanations of your labor + delivery
The ability for you and your birth partner/support person to focus on your labor without having to worry about your children.
As a birth doula, I can also take over for your birth partner/support person if they want to take turns with your kiddo(s)
A few photos during your labor, delivery, and postpartum hours
A one hour postpartum follow up with your children to work on the transition to big sibling-hood.
A  deposit is required to reserve your spot on my calendar.