Mission Statement

 Lisa is Birth Keeper and has been a DONA Certified Birth Doula ( re-certified 3 times ). She is A certified  Sacred Postpartum doula as well as a Loss Doula International trained bereavement doula  serving  St Augustine | Daytona | Ocala  and all  surrounding areas including Georgia and has also traveled to many other locations.
I am proud to offer professional, reliable, compassionate, intuitive  pregnancy and  labor support in all birth settings.  I offer childbirth education in your home as well as professional photography. Visit my photography website: http://lisaolschewskephotography.com/
Birth keepers are doulas but not all doulas  are birth keepers as  most certified doulas are bound and limited in how they can support women by whatever scope their certifying organization has set.
I certified 3 times with DONA and I learned much along the way but I wanted to encourage and offer more .
 I believe in traditional instinctual  wisdom. I believe that birth is a right of passage. We are here to awaken the power in women so we can reclaim birth. We know that women are born with the wisdom of birth and motherhood in our DNA, after all, women have populated the entire earth.
I believe in mothering the mother. I believe in your body!
I believe that women are wise and birth is sacred I believe in traditional instinctual wisdom.
I believe in mothering at the breast and nurturing the souls of our children .
 I  hold space  in whichever environment YOU choose.  For some families this is a natural birth in a home environment or birth center, but for many others their births may take the form of a planned medical delivery in a hospital setting.  Often, a family’s experience is unexpectedly somewhere in between, I help you navigate your options and advocate for your final decisions. I encourage YOU to follow your instincts always .
I draw on my knowledge of the birth process with my over 27 plus years experience as a birth keeper and as mother. I will provide continuous emotional support, physical comfort measures utilizing a rebozo and spinning babies techniques, holistic remedies, intuition  and, as needed, information that will help you communicate with other members of your birth team to ensure you have an understanding of the events that take place during YOUR labor and birth. 
I provide reassurance and perspective to you and your birth partner, make suggestions for labor progress and help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques for your comfort.  Sometimes just “being present” and holding space is all that YOU may need. 
After your birth I also offer postpartum doula services, breastfeeding support, Postpartum belly binding ( certified via Sacred Pregnancy) .
I am happy to serve Northeast Florida and Central Florida including  St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach,  Palm Coast, Flagler County, Daytona, Orange Park, Ormond beach,Ocala, New Smyrna ,  Middleburg, Green Cove Springs and everywhere in between.
Call Lisa at 904-806-3778  or email gracefulbeginningsdoulaservice@gmail.com
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 All contents here were created and owned by Lisa Ellis Olschewske CD, CST, CLC  & Graceful Beginnings Doula Services. Please do not copy in any way the information found on this site.

Happily Serving  Northeast Florida  including  Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach,  Palm Coast, Flagler County, Daytona, Orange Park, Ormond beach and St Augustine Birth Doula Services and Postpartum Doula Services 


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