With the cold and flu season approaching I wanted to share a remedy I have used for years ( recently learning about magnesium and how deficient we are and how amazing it is ) I always used Epsom salt and Himalayan .
My youngest was a preemie and always my sickest and he was ecologically breastfed, I started out using this in smaller amounts in a nebulizer when he showed signs of getting a respiratory illness because he would get sick reallllllly bad . After a few ER traumatic trips I decided to try other options .
It worked ! I would use Himalayan salt , xylitol and RC and blue eucalyptus in his nebulizer. Instead of xeopenix or other treatments. I used this method for years .
For myself and others I also did the detox bath .

And always at least once a week we all get a dose of occiliococum http://www.oscillo.com/about/facts-about-oscillo
It’s available pretty much everywhere now . And is my flu prevention.
Detox Bath Recipe :
1/2-1 cup magnesium flakes ( I use pink Stork ) you want Dead Sea salt with magnesium chloride www.pinkstork.com
Up to 4 cups of epsom depending on size of tub

1/2 -1 cup Redmond clay powder ( not the same As bentonite )
1/2 cup Himalayan salt
Young living oils Order here

Blue eucalyptus
Peace and calming
Or oils you prefer
Any questions ? Just comment and ask
Have a blessed day ❤️