Essential Oils for Pregnancy, labor and birth

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, labor and birth

First of all Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young Living are safe, organic and non toxic if used with common ‘scents’. In order to gain proper therapeutic effects with Essential Oils the importance of purity cannot be overstated! AFNOR/ISO standards are the highest in the industry and guarantee not only best quality but also best therapeutic effects!
This document was born from my own personal experience in using YL Oils for own  births as well as my years of experience as a birth doula seeing the resultsof the use of YL oils.

 The idea was to create a guideline on how to use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils before, during and after birth.

 The information given here is meant to serve health professionals, as well as new parents, as a guideline to make more informed product choices. 

In this way the following ideas are not meant to serve as prescriptions to solve anybody’s symptoms, but are rather meant to be applied in a more comprehensive context. Always talk to your health care provider or midwife first.

If  you are not familiar with Young Living Essential Oils yet, please contact me:
For now here is a place begin…enjoy!

A general guideline is that you want to see responses take place relatively quickly with therapeutic oils. If nothing happens for a while after you’ve applied an oil, it might be wise to try another one that addresses a similar pattern and see if that does the trick.


Using EO’s (Essential Oils) can be very self-empowering if we create the time and space inside ourselves and listen to our inner guidance.


We are all bio-logical individuals and respond therefore different to different stimuli.

Young Living Essential Oils  are safe to work with in general. Most oils could actually be used’ neat’ (undiluted) on almost all adults but please avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid using them on the genital area in general or if then only in diluted form. This applies for mucus linings like the genitals, as some oils might sting if not diluted with a carrier oil like YL’s V6 eg. or any other vegetable oil serving as a carrier oil. Furthermore, some people are more sensitive than others, so diluted an EO in such a case might be appropriate. Remember that Essential Oils are highly concentrated substances. Often it is not the amount of EO used at any given application but the frequency of application that matters, that means how often an EO is actually used, which creates its powerful results.


Natural remedies differ vastly from Western Medicine drugs because the strength EOs have comes often more through their ability in changing the ‘terrain’ than just treating an isolated single function.

Please also refer to the ‘YL User Guide’ Guidelines for further Safety information which comes with all of your first orders.

Some ideas:


Here is a list of ideas to work from. Follow your own intuition and inner guidance when you are in doubt or simply pick up the phone and call me or someone else you trust who knows how to work with YL Oils.


If no specifics are given please use your own common sense.

I wouldn’t go anywhere without these:


Valor AM and PM on the spine and/or bottom of the feet – for deep Central Nervous System relaxation and to enhance the action of all other YL Essential Oils used.


Ningxia Red – 1-2 oz. a day – general Anti-oxidant support

If the Immune System needs additional support:


Thieves a few drops on the feet at bedtime to support better immune function if it is called for.

To optimize intestinal function and in case of constipation


Comfortone – if tendency towards constipation exists


ICP – increase fiber for better bowel formation and movement


Essentialzyme – digestive enzymes taken before meals to improve digestion, which might be challenged at times during pregnancy.

After birth, anointing the baby


YL Frankincense – Apply on the whole body diluted as an ointment


Eg.30drops in 1oz. Carrier Oil like YL’s V6 Oil


YL Trauma Life Blend (Helichrysum, Lavender, Valerian,


Sandalwood, Rose, Spruce, Geranium, Davana, Citrus hystrix)


Apply wherever the Trauma happened, head area etc. or simply on the crown and the feet right after birth.


See also Trauma section

Back Pain


YL Pan Away – on the area of pain, directly or diluted with a few


drops V6 or vegetable oil


YL Valor, on the area


YL AromaSiez, on the area


See also Muscular Pain

Balance Energy Field


YL White Angelica Blend on shoulders to strengthen the Energy Bodies


YL Harmony Blend, applied on all 7 charkas and/or the spine for deeper balancing


YL Valor Blend on the feet and/or spine to help the Nervous System to ‘unwind’

Bleeding (any type)


Helichrysum – internally used depending on situation, talk to midwife


TraumaLife (Helichrysum, Lavender, Valerian, Sandalwood, Rose,


Spruce, Geranium, Davana, Citrus hystrix) – externally.

Blood Pressure


If too low or too high during pregnancy or birthing:


YL AromaLife Blend, I drop on the heart and inner wrist


YL Clary Sage lowers if too high

Breast infection/ ‘milk fever’/mastitis – if breast aren’t emptied completely or when milk ducts get clogged or if breast-feeding is stopped abruptly.


Cold Compress up to hourly during the day with


YL Geranium 1drop


YL Lavender 1drop


YL Rose     2drops


In 1.5 pints cold water, dip washcloth into it, squeeze excess water out and apply on breast


If also fever associated with it:  Add Eucalyptus globulus foot bath to


the program. 5 drops added to ½ tsp sea salt and added to water

Breech Babies


          Try Myrrh applied to the belly button, several drops rubbed onto the belly,


repeated application might be needed.



Massage legs every day with YL Cypress, YL Helichrysum and


YL Tangerine, each a couple of drops with a squirt of V6


Carrier Oil or other vegetable oil


YL Ningxia Red juice, 1 oz. twice a day




During labor: Diffuse YL Euc.globulus or Eucalyptus.radiata –


Or YL Rosemary – all three decongest



To increase and strengthen them:


YL Clary Sage applied around the inside of the ankles and internally as needed, eg. 1 drop every half an hour




YL Roman Chamomile, compress on babies belly with 1 drop in bowl of warm water



YL Rose – heals emotional trauma plus is rejuvenative to the


skin/tissue (also part of Trauma Life)


YL Helichrysum – heals tissue trauma, stops bleeding (also in YL


Trauma Life Blend!)


YL Idaho Balsam Fir  – one time 10 drops into ‘OO” capsule taken


internally to wean off pain medications


after C-section


YL Believe Blend (Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir and Rosewood)


– wound healing, diluted on the area


YL Lavender – prevention of scaring, skin healing


YL Trauma Life (Helichrysum, Lavender, Valerian, Sandalwood,


Rose, Spruce, Geranium, Davana, Citrus hystrix) – covers a large terrain of application

Dilation, if delayed


          YL Clary Sage, use orally 1 drop every 15 minutes or 6 drops and see


what happens over the next couple hours, then repeat if necessary.

Diaper Rash


          YL Gentle Baby diluted 1:30 with YL V6 or almond oil



YL Cypress and Tangerine, each one drop, repeat several times a day


drink Dandelion LEAF tea as well several cups a day


Water Retention Massage Oil Blend:


YL Tangerine, 2 drops


YL Lemon, 1 drop


YL Cypress, 4 drops


YL Lavender, 4 drops


YL Geranium, 3 drops


Mixed into: 2 1/2 Tb.  almond oil, 1/2 Tb. jojoba oil


1 Evening Primrose oil capsule (approx. 10 drops)

This can be used all throughout pregnancy.  Relax on the sofa with your


legs raised on pillows.  Apply the oils to your feet, ankles and legs,


massaging toward your heart to help circulation.  The help of your partner would certainly be appreciated.

Emotional Support


YL Forgiveness Blend – holding on to the past


YL Surrender Blend – to support in letting go


See also Fear, Panic, Trauma, Post partum depression, Self-esteem



To strengthen energy:


YL En-er-gee Blend, 1 drop applied to each kidney (on the back, l drop over rib areas left and right) or on the bottom of both feet and/or on bottom of feet


YL Rosemary, same as above or on the neck area

Episiotomy – see Perineum Care



YL Peace & Calming – diffuse during labor


YL Lavender – add to bath water at birth or diffuse it in the room

Group Beta Strep


YL Thieves, 3 drops on soles of feet morning and night.


YL Valor Blend on the spine, 5 drops distributed along the spine,


morning and night

Heart Burn


YL Peppermint internally 1 drop when needed


YL Di-Gize on the belly, 3-4 drops directly for the mother

Combination of both works best!

Itching, vaginal


Sitzbath with 1 drop YL Rose and 1 drop YL Peppermint into a ½ tsp salt, added to the bath water



YL Di-Gize – a few drops on the belly, diluted for babies to support


digestion and to prevent colic.


YL Peppermint – internally one drop on the tongue for mother, on the                         bottom of the feet 1:10 diluted for babies



YL Fennel oil 2 drops in honey water every two hours.



Early Labor – to halt labor


YL Clary Sage 5-7 drops and/or Fennel


YL Lavender, apply a few drops on the belly and wait and see –


calming and relaxing


YL Peace & Calming Blend, apply on the heart and solar plexus, just


1 drop or so or diffuse it.

Encourage labor: in general Jasmine and Clary Sage can be helpful.


Amount varies from case to case. Taking a drop of Clary Sage for


Example once every 15 minutes to an hour might do it.


Use Jasmine only externally as a fragrant, don’t use it internally.

During Labor:


4 drops YL Helichrysum


4 drops YL Fennel


2 drops YL Peppermint


5 drops YL Ylang Ylang


3 drops YL Clary Sage


1/2 oz. V6 carrier oil


Apply only after the labor starts.  Massage inside the ankles, on little


toes, little fingers and lower tummy and back.



Or Frankincense, applied diluted around vaginal opening



Diffusing Blend:


40 drops YL Lavender


37 drops YL Frankincense


21 drops YL Ylang Ylang


20 Chamomile Roman


Diffuse in birthing room

Or simply Single Oils that call you

Wash Cloth Blend:


10 drops YL Jasmine


5 drops YL Chamomile  Roman


5 drops YL Geranium


20 drops YL Lavender


Use in a bowl of water, swish a washcloth and use to cool mom’s head and face.



Afterbirth Blend:


10 drops YL Geranium


15 drops YL Jasmine


Use with a carrier oil to help expel placenta and tone the uterus.

Morning Sickness – see Nausea



Muscular pain


YL AromaSiez Blend on sore muscle with a squirt of V6 or other


vegetable oil


YL OrthoSport Massage Oil – ready to go muscular and skeletal pain


Formula, apply on location several times a day


YL Rosemary – directly on muscles or with V6 carrier oil


YL Valor – directly on sore areas and/or on bottom of feet and/or on


on spine.

Mouthwash/Oral Hygiene


If sensitivity to breath smell of support team, have them take a


sip of YL Thieves Mouthwash


OR a drop of YL Peppermint and YL Lemon oil orally on the tongue



Peppermint on the tongue, 1 drop at a time


Lemon or other YL Citrus EOs in water, 5 drops to a quart keep


drinking all day long, purifies the lymph system


Ningxia Red, 2 oz. a day



Perineum care


Avoid a possible Episiotomy:


      • Perineal massage prior to labor:
      • Blend of:


YL Clary Sage 5 drops and YL Rose 2 drops , in 1oz Wheatgerm oil.


      • Myrrh applied on the perineum diluted 1:10 with YL V6 carrier oil
      • YL Claraderm Spray after every time peat or several times a day on the perineum

Three weeks before delivery:


8 drops Geranium


5 drops Lavender


1 oz. almond oil


Mix and rub on the perineum three times a day. This helps to soften the cervix and thins the membrane to get ready for delivery.

One Week Before Delivery:


8 drops Geranium


5 drops Lavender


5 drops Fennel


1 oz. almond oil


Apply this on the perineum to further get it ready.

Perineal massage once labor is well established


Myrrh, few drops diluted in carrier oil (V6), 1:10

Perineal tear and trauma


  • YL Claraderm Spray – apply several times daily to hourly
  • YL Melrose Blend dilute 1:10 with vegetable oil and apply
  • Sitzbath with:

YL Cypress 2 drops


YL Lavender 3 drops


Add to 1/2tsp of salt and mix into bath water


See also Episiotomy prevention





    • YL Peace & Calming Blend, apply on your body (chest, wrists) or diffuse in air fan or diffuser or use in bath
    • YL Lavender, same application

Post Partum Depression – often arrives with onset of lactation, one to four days after birth


    • Thyromin, 2-3 capsules at night to support thyroid gland function
    • Ultra Young Sublingual Spray to jump start pituitary
    • YL Jasmine bath, add a few drops into 1/2tsp of salt and mix into bath water or …
    • If you don’t have YL Jasmine, do the bath with YL Ylang Ylang o r YL Clary Sage
    • YL Rose , simply just smelling it or applying it on the body
    • YL Frankincense, diffuse or apply anywhere on the body, direct or diluted
    • Blend of:


YL Bergamot 2


YL Ylang Ylang 2


YL Clary Sage 2


Add to 1/2tsp of salt and mix into bath water





Rose – invokes it, apply on chest



YL Believe Blend (Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir and Rosewood) – apply anywhere


YL Valor Blend, apply on soles of feet or chest




dry in infants


YL Rose 1 drop in 50 ml sweet almond oil


itchy Skin Blend during pregnancy


4 drops Tangerine


4 drops Geranium


4 drops  Lavender


4 drops Cypress


3 drops Lemon


Added to 2 1/2 Tb. Almond oil


1/2 Tb. jojoba  oil


1 Evening Primrose capsule (approx. 10 drops)


1 Vitamin E capsule  (approx. 10 drops)


This oil can be used almost daily during pregnancy.


Apply it to wet skin after showering, especially on the growing belly. It may help in not having to experience the itch that most mothers speak of, plus it could be beneficial for stretch marks as well.




YL Lavender, drop a few drops on you pillow or have a bath with it.


YL Valor Blend on soles of feet at night before bed time

Sore nipples


YL Rose, 1-2 drops in 20ml sweet almond oil or YL V6 Blend

Stretch marks




YL Tender Tush Ointment, apply a few times per day


YL Lavender in V6


YL Gentle Baby Blend in V6


YL Valor Blend, like it comes out of the bottle


I suggest you rotate Oils/Blends




Same as prevention, continue protocol

YL Gentle Baby Blend and Prenolone+ cream


also work well on stretch marks

Tiredness (see also Energy)


YL Rosemary bath, 10 drop in a tsp of salt, added to the bath


Invigorating massage oil blend




Rosewood 17


Orange 6


Geranium 2


Add to 50ml vegetable oil like V6




Rose – Supports in strengthening Spirit


Trauma Life – in physical and psycho-emotional trauma, can be


Applied to the mother or child after birth, diluted 1: 30 with V6


on the baby


Or directly on mothers whole spine and feet after birth


See also Perineum tear/trauma

Umbilical Cord


YL Myrrh, apply to end of umbilical cord for better healing, 1:10 with


Carrier oil like YL’s V6



Uterine Tonics:


Jasmine, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg

Water birth, during


YL Peace & Calming or YL Lavender, mix 10 drops to bath with ½


Tsp of salt added to bath water  – to relax

Water Retention – See Edema

* * *

Precautions in using ESSENTIAL OILS


  • Avoid Citrus oils on skin areas that are exposed to direct sun light during the day to avoid photo-sensitivities.
  • Dilute all Essential Oils for babies, when in doubt 1:30 with a carrier oil like YL’s V6.
  • Using Oils ‘neat’ that means undiluted will create a tendency for the skin to dry out easier. Using a carrier oil like V6 will create a more sustained effect and reduce the possibility for over sensitivities to occur, especially in newborn. Sensitivities to YL Essential Oils are seen very rarely. IF they are seen the cause is either that a different brand of chemically adulterated oils were used or because they were used in excess which simply overloaded the system. Or the oils used per to high in Phenols (eg. Oregano, Thyme)
  • We only recommend the use of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, as high quality standards (AFNOR – French Standards for Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils) are an essential prerequisite to gain therapeutic results without producing side effects.
  • Oils to AVOID during pregnancy:


Basil, Birch, Calamus, Cassia, Cinnamon bark, Hyssop, Idaho Tansy, Lavandin (a form of Lavender often sold in stores), Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon.

Here are some ideas for a Essential Oil Birth Kits (the reasoning for these can be found by getting more familiar with the above mentioned EO Reference Guide.


Note: If you have any specific issues that have been mentioned earlier please get these oils independently from the following recommendations.

Basic Birth Kit


Essential 7 Kit


(Joy, Peace & Calming, Lavender, PanAway, Lemon, Purification)


See the other attachment for more information on this!


Valor – to ‘unwind’ , relieves aches and pains, central nervous system




TenderTush Ointment – preventing stretch marks


Gentle Baby – comforting, soothing, , reducing stress during pregnancy,


preventing stretch marks and scars and for bonding with baby pre-


natally by rubbing it on the belly and later on by using it to prevent


diaper rash. Apply also on perineum for softening of it.


Clary Sage – support labor, relax, support and balance hormone levels


Claraderm Spray – Perineum preparation before birth and after birth for


healing this it


Fennel – support with lactation, digestion, colic etc.

Essential Birth Kit


Basic Kit plus:


Trauma Life – any trauma to the mum or baby, physically or emotionally,


brain and nervous system balancing, most comprehensive oil in dealing with trauma, tissue healer.


Myrrh – softens Perineum during labor, analgesic, anaesthetic, heals


Umbilical cord ending of baby, immune support, spiritual uplifting, stimulates upper brain centers/master glands similar to Frankincense and more.

Comprehensive Kit


Essential Birth Kit plus:


Frankincense – great purifier, opens brain function, pituitary and pineal


gland, one of the most holy oils for anointing the newborn, help in any type of wound healing, enhance immune function and more.


Rose – the greatest healer on the psycho-emotional plane, helps with healing


trauma (also one of the TraumaLife ingredients), stabilizes moods especially during post partum, relaxing, anti-scaring. deepens bonding with baby and more.

Note: I believe that this is the greatest treat you can give a woman who enjoys fragrances. Note that it takes5000 pounds of Rose PETALS to make just 1 pound of Rose EO! We are talking a truck loads here! Any Rose Oil that is cheap is basically garbage (sorry to say!) and therefore a hazard to your health! Please don’t use any Rose Oil if you aren’t sure about it’s purity.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease. The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Also, any and all recommendations made only apply to YL Essential Oils!


If you have any questions or need assistance or like to place an order, please don’t hesitate to call me, I would be happy to help you!

Have a Grace filled day