I seem to have fallen off my blogging wagon! My apologies , I have had a very busy year and will be slowly or quickly posting some of what I have been blessed to photograph . 

Back in February I attended my first Daytona birth. It was at Halifax Hospital. With Dr Pamela Carbiener. First let me just say I was a little worried attending a birth there, I was her birth doula and birth photographer. I had heard horror stories in the past . There are not many local doulas in that area either. 

Dr Carbiener was so supportive of Amanda and her ‘prodromal ‘ labor. When mom seemed to stall for hours at 7 cm again Dr C left us alone. Never rushing, labeling her etc. Many hospitals and care providers are known to label a mom failure to progress and push for pitocin and other interventions . Not Dr C . 

This birth was very special. I KNEW she would achieve the natural birth she wanted. A first I as told in her family . 

RJ decided to come fast and furious in the end. Dad had ran out to get the dinner as mom seem quiet and was at 7 cm as she had been all day. However after he left I noticed a change in her . And some grunts. I text dad to hurry back that I had a feeling things were changing. 

Well as dad returned, Dr came in and went to check and sure enough mom was 10 cm and baby was RIGHT there. 

Her expression says it all! Thank you Dr C and Halifax Hospital for a wonderful birth experience .