June was a BUSY birth month locally thanks to Hurricane Irma in the fall of 2017. Kelly called me last minute and decided to hire me as her birth photographer AGAIN.

This was the third birth I was her doula and photographer twice before. This time she chose a Homebirth ! Her last birth was very fast and I had suggested it.

She txt me at 8:20 pm June 12 that she was having some surges. That her midwife, Jacinda Golden, was on her way over. So I said I would leave as well. Knowing she had no pattern prior and went fast. She also lived about 50 minutes away. Her husband txt me again “surges are 3 minutes apart ”

When I arrived I went right in and HEARD her making pushing sounds. I got my camera out and started shooting, as I touched her back to let her know I was there (she is slightly hearing impaired so needs to read lips ) she had such relief on her face. Baby Sophie was born 5 minutes later!


She weighed TEN pounds ! The look on the midwife’s face is priceless!