Most of my posts are about birth. Today I am sharing the most heartbreaking  unimaginable news about one of my  friends.  I was her doula and photographer and was SO blessed to witness his birth and his older brother, Owen’s birth. I have no words. I am so sad and heartbroken .   And she is also a photographer  Five Loves Photography

On March 6 , 2017 little  Lukas fell and sustained a head injury . He stopped breathing . He fought 48 hours in the ICU at the Children’s Hospital.

His mother words :
“After fighting so hard for 48 hours our sweet sweet beautiful little boy passed away in our arms last night. Surrounded by love.
Please don’t ask me what happened I can’t bear to keep repeating it. Our hearts are in a million pieces.”

I created a you caring fundraiser for them here
All the funds being raised will be used for any medical expenses, bills and funeral arrangements. Please donate if you can. Please share!
Please continue your prayers for the Thiel family as they mourn and grieve the passing of sweet Lukas .

If you would like to read his birth story go here Birth Story of Lukas