Recently one of my birth images was featured in a Huffington parent article about strength in birth! I was her doula and birth photographer here is the link to birth story here http://gracefulbeginningsdoulaservices.com/2016/07/welcome-bryson/

My image is number 39 with the quote from the mother:

This mom told me: “I was so thankful when our baby came out crying. It’s a sound I longed to hear from Paisley and Brody — my two previous stillbirths. I also had four miscarriages. My initial thoughts were, that hurt and I’m glad it’s over. But then it hit me: He was here and he was alive. We were bringing a baby home from the hospital! It still seems like such a dream.”

Here is the Huffington Post article:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/43-photos-that-show-the-incredible-strength-it-takes-to-give-birth_us_57c5c011e4b0664f13cad046