Time heals all wounds they say. But guess what ? It just is not true, Loosing a child is like losing a  piece of your heart, and you never get  it back. A part of you is always missing and you actually never completely move on from it. This is a very special blog post today. One I have been praying about the last year. The title “Heaven Sent” is from my friend’s blog name and seemed the fitting title. The original blog from my photography page is here: http://lisaolschewskephotography.com/blog/2015/8/heaven-sent

On  August 6, 2014, I was with my friend Kelly as her daughter Paisley Jane whose soul was  born into heaven. Her little 8 inch body weighed just 4.8 oz at 18 weeks. She joined Curtis, Aubrey,and Maverik. And as heartbreaking as this already is after Paisley two more children, Carly and Brody were born into heaven. I was also with them when Brody was born (just 6 weeks ago) If you ask them how many children do they have, they will tell you 9, 6 are in heaven and 3 are here .

I first met Kelly at a local breastfeeding event and took photos of another of their children as she carried him on her back in one of her beautiful wraps. Knowing the pain I felt with my losses, I wanted to be there for them as a bereavement doula and photographer.I knew it would not be easy, but I prayed silently in my heart to be able to console them. A year later (with Kelly’s permission) I am sharing photos from Paisley and Brody’s (whom passed just 6 weeks ago) birth. 

I want those that have suffered losses no matter what age to know your baby IS your baby YOUR grief IS YOUR grief. I too have personally suffered 5 pregnancy losses, on was a twin loss which was a miscarriage and a ectopic rupture. 

 Every life is precious from conception to death. In our society most do not talk about pregnancy loss (especially early miscarriage ) 

Kelly and Michael Lynn both have blogs about their losses I encourage you to read them and any fathers , read Michael’s blog as well.This is Kelly’s blog http://angelsremembered.blogspot.com/?m=0 and Michael’s is https://michaellynn2002.wordpress.com/

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A Grieving Parents Prayer

© Bernadette Zambri
(Written June 13, 1993)

I feel unable to pray – I need Your insight in new ways to pray.

I feel abandoned – I need Your warmth.

I feel isolated from You – I need courage to take steps closer to You.

I feel hurt – I need Your healing..

I feel so sad – I need Your closeness and humour.

I feel anger, resentment and bitterness – I need Your Peace.

I feel afraid – I need Your strength.

I feel anxious – I need Your patience.

I feel that I can never trust You again – I need to feel Your Love.


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