Strengthen your Pelvic Floor

“Squat 300 times a day, you’re going to give birth quickly.” – Ina May Gaskin

That quote by Ina May Gaskin sounds daunting does’nt it? But seriously it is true. When I read that quote years ago I was like OH that must be why I have such fast easy labors and births. Many women hate me when they ask about my labors and births. But I do have fast and easy labors. I also do not actually push!

Daily winter beach walks with baby all safe and warm.

When I am pregnant I continue my normal exercise routine. I even do abdominal work till I birth. I vary what I do, from yoga stretching daily, weights and pilates core routine. I also walk EVERYDAY. Even as my family grew I still did this. I wore my babies the first 6 months while I went for long walks and hikes. Then transitioned a sleeping, baby to the jogging stroller I have.  And yes I did a LOT of squats while pregnant. Deep squats I held while envisioning my births .

I have been a doula over 18 years. And I know this will likely anger the strict cross fitters and weight lifting moms, but every single client I have had that was a cross fit ONLY mom struggled with long labors. Do not get me wrong lifting weights is great! But PLEASE do yoga type stretching and pilates type core work along with your routine.

PLEASE read this link it  is great  :

I am so excited in the next year my oldest daughter will be a certified Personal Trainer and will be working together with my clients on pre and post natal fitness and nutrition!

So get out there and SQUAT!!