Comparing Child Birth Education Classes


You may be surprised to discover the variations in childbirth classes—some are months long while others last a day; some take place in a hospital( least recommended)  and others are conducted in the educator’s home or other locations. Regardless, topics generally include labor signs,pain-relief options, stages of labor and comfort measures.

I have been trained in Bradley, Hypnobirth, and Lamaze. I do offer personal one on one Childbirth preparation if you choose not to attend a local child birth class. I highly encourage every expectant couple to become educated during pregnancy.

Here are the  options that are available in this area  in my resource page

Here is a list of just a few of the most common Child birth methods.

Lamaze classes educate women about practices that have been shown to maximize your chances of having a safer birth, such as allowing labor to start on its own, walking and moving around during labor and following your body’s urges to push.

The Bradley Method is a 12-week class for women and their partners who desire to have a medication-free birth.

HypnoBirthing is a five-week course that emphasizes natural childbirth and teaches self-hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labor.

The International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) trains and certifies educators to be advocates of the natural process of childbirth. Find ICEA-certified instructors in your area at

Below is a chart that shows what each offers:

Hypnobabies Bradley Hospital Class
How to breathe (properly) and vocalize with contractions yes yes no
Birth partner confidence & training yes yes no
Positive affirmations for pregnancy & birth (CDs) yes no no
Deep hypnotic relaxation (specific guidance) yes no no
Guided meditation and visualization yes yes no
Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis yes no no
Finger Drop Technique for instant relaxation yes no no
Choosing a support team yes yes no
Staying healthy and low-risk through diet and exercise yes yes yes
Stages of birth yes yes yes
Pushing techniques yes yes no
Comfort techniques (info./hands on practice) yes yes no
Pain coping techniques (info./hands on practice)* no yes yes
Working with challenging baby positions yes yes no
Epidurals and pain medication yes yes yes
Cesarean birth (indications & procedure) yes yes yes
“A Change of Plans” special script yes no no
“Plan B” Birth Plans no yes yes
When to go to the hospital yes yes yes
Baby kindness & bonding yes yes no
Breastfeeding yes yes yes
New mom & baby care yes yes yes
Optional resources: parenting, diapering, etc. yes yes no

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